Healing Power Bracelets

When choosing a bracelet, many let their intuition and hearts guide them to the stones that feel right for them in that moment. Often, there will be a connection between the power held in the stones and energy one is seeking or in need of.

Bracelets can be used as a mindfulness tool as well, in order to remind the wearer of their intentions, while supporting aspirations with the stones’ power. Whether you choose one, or a stack, the power of the stones, combined with your intentions will bring the right energy into your life.

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Joy & Leadership Power Bracelet

Sunstone bracelet with Rhodochrosite and copper, Reiki infused, 8mm for Emotional Healing and Joy/Leadership power


Creativity & Communication Power Bracelet

Amethyst bracelet with Blue Lace Agate and Citrine, Reiki Infused, 8mm includingTree of life Silver platted Charm for creativity, calmness, and joy.


Restructuring your Power Bracelet

Rhodochrosite, rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, and sunstone with gold platted lotus charm.


Healing Heart Chakra Bracelet

Rhodochrosite with Silver Buddha heads and Om Charm /Healing Heart Chakra Bracelet / Yoga & Meditation beads / Reiki Infused/ 8mm beads


Soulmate Power Bracelet

Beryl morganite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, citrine, Green Aventurine, and Malachite / Yoga and Meditation bracelet/ 8mm Size Beads


Om Balance Power Bracelet

Om Balance Power Bracelet / Labradorite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and citrine / Meditation Beads & Reiki Infused/8mm


"Unconditional Love & Calmness" Power Bracelet

Kunzite with Kyanite "Unconditional Love & Calmness" Power Bracelet / Reiki Infused 8mm beads


Meditation and Yoga Bracelet

Amethyst and Black Tourmaline -(AA Grade) with silver spacers / Meditation and Yoga Bracelet/ Reiki Infused/ 8mm beads


Love Power Bracelet

Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz /Love Power Bracelet / Yoga and Meditation Beads / Reiki Infused/ 8mm


Strength and Confidence Bracelet

Sunstone and Carnelian/ 8mm / blessings, protection, and personal power/Strength and Confidence bracelet


Protection & Power Bracelet

Selenite and Black Tourmaline with silver spacers /Protection Power Bracelet/Meditation & Yoga bracelet/Reiki Infused/8mm.


Malachite & Onyx Power Bracelet

Malachite and Black Onyx /Protection Power Bracelet/Chakra Clearing/8mm.


Leadership & Manifestation Power Bracelet

Sunstone & Pyrite/Leadership & Manifestation Power Bracelet/8mm