What do our customers say?

Hear what our customers say about their personal and customized crystal restorative bracelets.


I absolutely love these bracelets! I ordered the Sunstone with Rhodochrosite, Serpentine & Fertility Reiki Love bracelets. All 3 are beautiful. The package was infused with either Sandalwood or sage incense which was a little aromatherapy upon opening! The colors are very vibrant, I love the brass & glitz beads in between the stones. Highly recommend!

-Kimberly Spataro, N.Y.


testimonials om balance power bracelet

When i opened this package i literally gasped because it was so beautiful. The seller is so kind and considerate and genuinely wants you to have a good experience and get exactly what you want. I put this bracelet on and immediately felt the energy radiating from it. I love this bracelet.

-Sarah Donaldson, N.Y.


testimonials communication creativity power bracelet

I love this bracelet! The design is beautiful and the bracelet is very well made. Diana has a gift for creating gemstone combinations that work so well together. As soon as I wore this bracelet I could immediately feel its positive energy! <3

-Lizabeth Rivera, N.Y.


5 out of 5 stars

testimonials luck love power bracelet

Everyone of the 3 bracelets I ordered was beautiful and the seller was super helpful! Will def order from again!

-Cassandra Leigh, Port Jefferson


testimonials energy power bracelet

This item is beautiful and made well. The seller was so helpful in all matters to please me with my purchase. It shipped quickly and I’d definitely buy more bracelets from Reikiwear.

-Irma Jimenez, California 


testimonials jade luck love power bracelet

Shipped so quickly and I'm in love with it! This bracelet was made with love and light, thank you again for beautiful, meaningful jewelry! 

-Kathleen Hauck, Rochester



testimonials fertility power braceletJillian Howard on Jan 23, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

Beautifully made. More than I expected. I would definitely purchase again.

-Jillian Howard, Indiana 


testimonials grounding and purification power bracelet

The quality of the bracelets I ordered is outstanding. The energy that comes from it..is felt. You can see that She puts effort into making exactly what you want. My wrist is on the large side and she made them without making me feel ashamed. I recommended her to my friends that like crystals. She will not disappoint. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SELLER. Will buy again.

-DeAnna Patterson, KY


testimonials OM creativity flow beaded bracelet

I was shocked on the energy of this bracelet!!! I have purchased crystal bracelets in the past but this one definitely radiated with a soothing energy. I have worn it everyday since I received it. It's brightly colored and well made. I am not sure how Reiki works but there is something very different in a very positive way about this item. LOVE IT!!!

-Masa Kitani, N.Y.


Oh my! My bracelet is beautiful and so magical. I connected with it right away. Thank you for making this a special purchase for me and also thank you for my free sunstone gift. I really appreciate this wonderful bracelet. Many best wishes for you for the new year.

-Rosa Franco,Texas  


Diana created beautiful and powerful bracelets for myself and my boyfriend. I don’t ever take them off. They have brought a lot of luck and success to my life. I am so lucky to have found her and her angelic touch. Thank you so much for enhancing my life in such positive ways! 

-Michelle, NY 


Thank you so much for making me that beautiful bracelet. You did really great job and for sure I will send more customer to you. You are really wonderful person outside and inside and you making great bracelets, thx xoxo

-Lenka Leskova, N.Y.  


I received a bracelet as a gift. It’s a beautiful bracelet, I wear it daily and I get frequent compliments from friends and family members. Lovely bracelets, I’m planning to purchase a few more.

-Zoraida Cespedes, N.Y.  


Such beautiful bracelets!!! She spends a lot of time creating a bracelet unique to you and one that will help you with energy, inspiration and whatever you need to work on. She puts a lot of work and thought into each bracelet and is so helpful and accommodating. I would recommend her work to everyone. She is a true artist and caring person. Definitely get in touch with her!

-Cindy Horowitz, N.Y


So I now own three of Reikiwear's amazing bracelets and I couldn’t be happier. I make my own sometimes but I love when Diane gets particular combos together to form these amazing creations. I literally wear at least one of her bracelets everyday. Run, don’t walk, to buy one.

-Tony Ortega, Brooklyn 


Best bracelets ever!! I love the crystals and stones Diana uses they’re very healing and energizing !! I love them so much that I never leave my house without wearing at least one.

-Laura Schwalm, San Augustine


I bought 9 bracelets from reikiwear for myself, friends and family and everyone loves them. I'm super excited to buy more for the holidays. I personally feel energy from the crystals and Diana (the maker) infuse flower essences and oils into them so they smell amazing.  I'll give this company 10 stars if I could . It’s a must buy item for healing, growth, and for the holidays. xoxo reikiwear

-Victoria Akins, Virginia Beach